Hemorrhoids: A wife’s story

You may never sit down again …

A baby boomer wife rides an emotional rollercoaster when her husband develops severe hemorrhoids, and she must learn the secrets of successful caring.

About the book

Long-married baby boomers, Sue and John, were enjoying retirement. Their peaceful lifestyle was disrupted without warning when John developed severe hemorrhoids.

John didn’t mean to become an irritable grumpy old man. Sue didn’t mean to dismiss his suffering and pain as hypochondria, or trivialise its impact. Yet, after forty years of marriage, they still couldn’t quite get it together, in spite of their best efforts.

Part memoir, part opinion, this brief account sets out the timeline from diagnosis to successful surgery, and reflects on some of the many roles we all play in marriage, including household management, caring, and emotional support.

A candid look at the emotional side of living with illness.

Warnings – this book does NOT contain medical advice. It does contain frank language and discussion of medical symptoms.



Favourite quotes

In retrospect I could have been more sympathetic.

Sudden rushes of outrage tend to clog up the ears.

The hospital carpet was a hideous brown colour and should have been replaced about twenty years ago.

… attractive knee-high white surgical stockings…

… a dark, smelly cave with a very grumpy bear inside it…

One thing that is very difficult when suffering from severe hemorrhoids is sitting down.

… the longest corridor in the world …

Anyone who has ever looked after a small child knows that you spend quite a bit of time discussing bowel movements and bladder emptying. I thought those times were far, far behind me.

Whatever you suggest will be no good.

…second-hand hemorrhoids…

Kindness is never wasted.



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