Marketing to baby boomers

Market sign, Hobart

Yeah, we’re invisible. Unless we want funeral insurance, final expenses insurance, incontinence products or retirement village homes.

Do the people who make these ads have any clue? Over 50 is not the same as 90, or even 75. We’re talking half the human life span here, people, and all you can think of to try and sell us is 4 products?

Sorry, forgot the cruise ships. Sure, that’s my idea of a holiday, being incarcerated with a whole lot of other people exactly the same age as myself. Perhaps we could pass the time comparing hair dyes or hypertension medications?

This is an absolute failure of imagination by marketers. Older people have exactly the same huge range of interests as younger ones do. Try advertising for diversity in age as well as all the other demographics. I’m pretty sure your efforts to pigeonhole people aren’t going to work. Lazy stereotyping and wishful thinking won’t get it done.

And while you’re at it, stop assuming baby boomers aren’t using technology. Who do you think invented most of it? (And no, that isn’t an invitation to fill our email boxes with spam.)

Interesting article on this topic here

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